YES, Ladies! We talked about what we didn’t want from the opposite sex, now let’s talk about what we do want! I thought this would be the perfect first blog post for my new dating feature Sex and the Chippy. Grab a cup of tea, a wine or your man and he can read along and gain some insight into the crazy female mind

“You got me feeling emotions!”
I want  a man who can tell me what he is feeling, this is on the top of my list, dating and relationships are really hard because there is so much pressure on men these days to be air quote “MANLY” but let’s break it down being open and honest isn’t lessening his manhood its just showing he’s versatile. It saves time for me if a man can open up and tell me what he wants from a situation, this way in my head I know where I stand and what we can both offer each other. I’m someone who needs back what I give out so this is really important.

“Dream Lover”
It goes without saying, when it comes to Sex it takes two people, its a time for working together and creating a great experience. That brings me onto my next point, I want a man who knows how to leave his ego outside the bedroom door and remain focused on creating a safe and fun environment. What I’m trying to say he needs to be able to follow instruction and GIVE his all (WINK WINK) we women want a man who is as confident inside the bedroom as he is outside this makes us feel safe. So men its really simple you just have to be our Dream Lover!

Women want a man, who won’t break their heart, we all love a bit of treating them mean to keep them keen, but not when it comes to playing with our hearts. This is a two-way street if your dating or in a serious relationship just don’t break each other’s hearts. I need a man that has only good intentions with my heart! Many women agree a good man is worth a thousand bad boy

“Vision of love!”
I want a man, that the word LOVE doesn’t scare him shitless, I don’t say I love you easy but when I feel it its real so my man better be comfortable with using the big L word. Love to women wants a man who makes her feel loved, I’m not talking material stuff I’m talking about silly things like texting her first thing in the morning just to tell her your thinking of her. Calling her when you’re free, just to make her smile, that’s love.

I think that covers all the things we women want in a man, I don’t feel that is asking too much and to be honest there are plenty of men that are more than willing to give all these things and so much more. This blog post is not a trash talk on all men, I love men and I have plenty of amazing men in my life that offer me each of these qualities! All my Love Becca Blogger x x x

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