I have received a lot of messages asking about my dating life, so I thought I would write a blog post with some standards I set for myself when it comes to dating and meeting new people. This post is applicable for both men and women and is in no way bashing men. I wanted to write from my experiences of online dating!

Destination Cancellation!

Men who cancel plans with me is a massive NO NO! You have set a date, got ready (ladies you all know how long that can take) and at the last minute he cancels, for no good reason. Don’t get mad! Make your man aware you are disappointed you aren’t getting to seem him! DO NOT MAKE NEW PLANS, with him he canceled so let him make the next move. Women don’t want a flaky man, they want someone who will be there when they say they will. SIMPLE!


The only Ghost I want in my life is in the series Power, he is the perfect type of ghost. So many of you answered my poll this week and said why do men Ghost women! Women don’t want a man who texts for days on end shows attention, then falls of the face of the earth. It is easy to keep reaching out trust me DON’T DO IT! I always think about myself in this situation if I am thinking of you I send a text simple no games! If he doesn’t text back for days on end, move on chances are he already has.

A guy with a massive Ego!

Confidence for me is a great quality in a man, but sometimes it passes a line and slides into cockiness. I know some attractive men who are down to earth. Someone listing what they have in life doesn’t appeal to me. A guy bragging about all the other women he has or has had just pushes me away. Ladies if he is checking himself out in your sunglasses, I suggest you take them off and make him focus on you.

Board Games!

I have the attention span of a gold fish, so if you want to play games with me chances are I am board after your first move. I am upfront, honest and some may even say brutal. Not many women are into game playing, trust me when I say it’s a waste of time. Everyone likes the thrill of the chase, but when that chase turns into a 10k run with hoops of fire its best to sit this one out.


This post is written from my own personal experience, there are millions of amazing men out there! Next weeks post will be What Women Want!

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