As a blogger writing reviews can be hard, I always want to be 100% honest or for me it is a waste of time. When Tropic contacted me with a bold statement of people who love Liz Earle tend to love Tropic, I was put at ease with this statement as, I knew they had clearly done their research on me and noted how much I loved Liz Earle products. When my blogger mail dropped I was so excited to open my Tropic package, I was kindly sent the (Essentials kit LINK) the packaging is nice an clean. A little big about Tropic, Susie Ma’s was brought up in North Queensland in Australia, surrounded by plants & botanical actives that inspired many of Tropics formulations today. In 2011 Susie appeared on The Apprentice where she was able to convey her vision for natural & cruelty-free skincare to Lord Alan Sugar who became a 50/50 partner.

Straight away I headed to the bathroom to try the smoothing cleanser, a light scented fresh, creamy delight is contained within, applying to my hands gently warming between my fingers then in light circular motions to my face. I worried how it would react with my sensitive skin, the bamboo face cloth was applied under hot water rinsed and gentle swept across my face, not one bit of make-up was left on my face, big thumbs up for my first try. The cleanser has become an everyday treat of mine & the fact it is Vegan is also great.

The Vitamin tonner was the next product I tried it confused me a little as it was a spray type, which differs from my usual. I found this light and refreshing and can imagine it is a dream to take on holiday and sprits just to soften and tone the face. I am lazy when it comes to toning so this work a dream for me and many other busy ladies in a rush.

Skin revive is so hydrating it made me question everything I thought I knew about skin-care, the dry skin around my nose was buffed away after one application. I loved the smell on this product it was like a spa treatment at home.

My favourite product is 100% the Organic Elixir, I have very dry skin and I will be honest I have been loving applying this and mascara only and heading out for the day. My skin looks smooth, hydrated and tight. I will need to order more because that’s been used to almost the end. If you had to buy on item this is my desert island must have.

I do not review products which I would not buy, this is my new go to brand and you will be seeing a lot more of these products because I have been on the website and they also do make-up. I am going to order more items to try so stay tuned for a Tropic Make-up review. I am starting a new rating feature on the blog and this is my first time feeling comfortable to share a rating, please see below.

Tropic vs Becca Blogger 4.5/5

1 star for brand beliefs (Vegan/Natural products)

1 star for future buy (100% I will buy from Tropic)

1 star for effects on skin (Smooth, clean, healthy & moisturised)

1/2 star for packaging (I am a sucker for packaging and I feel a little more colour would up my mark)

1 star for scent (Very fresh, clean and natural)

All opinions on my Blog are my own, I was kindly gifted these items from Tropic, this is not a sponsored post.

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