I don’t have a wedding planned as I am a single lady, but Tilly’s cakes make me want to grab the first man I see and rush him down the isle just to have one of these stunning cakes, PS he can’t have any of the cake as its all for me! Maybe you have a wedding coming up and haven’t found someone you trust to make your cake well look no further than Natalie Hume of, Tilly Makes Cakes.

Whenever I agree to review food items on my blog, I always get my family in on the taste testing magic. Me, my sister and my niece sat down to four delicious flavours, each one creating its own little party in our mouths. Let’s talk about my favourite first, Passionfruit & white Chocolate, the perfect mix of soft sponge, creamy white chocolate and tangy Passionfruit. I could have eaten my weight in this cake, it wasn’t remotely sickly the flavours just complemented each other so well. From the packaging, to the taste its clear to see Natalie’s passion really is in her cakes.

Red Velvet

My niece Darcy loved this cake, so much so she wouldn’t go to bed until we assured her we wouldn’t eat the rest of her piece. She loved the vibrant red colour and the sweet taste. I had never tried Red Velvet cake before, so this was a new one for me. I liked the lightness in the cake, the richness in the flavour and the way each bite left you wanting more!

Raspberry & White Chocolate

Classic cake flavour, the perfect amount of raspberry to white chocolate ratio, the sponge was so moist and soft. Yes!! I used the word moist and that shows how good these cakes where I used a word I hate using but it’s the only one to do these bad boys justice.

Elderflower, Lemon & poppy seed

Normally Lemon flavoured anything is it not my thing as I find it too bitter, Natalie has managed to prefer this recipe and to be honest even writing about it has my licking my lips and craving more. The refreshing taste of Lemon, the bite of poppy seed and the relaxing wave of Elderflower makes for a perfect treat to suit all taste buds.

 I want to say a massive Thank you to Natalieof Tilly makes cakes for gifting these cakes to me and making my day a lot brighter, as always all opinions are my own and 100% honest. If you want to book this amazingly talented lady, then get you orders in fast as she is already booking for next year!  All my Love Becca Blogger x x x


Tilly Makes Cakes Instagram = @tillymakescakes 

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