Everyday we scroll social media, whether its to connect with old friends or keep up to date with current times. I find myself looking at other peoples pages comparing myself to them, their car, their lifestyle or even just how Beautiful they are. On Social Media you don’t have to look far to find negativity, people putting others down or airing there dirty laundry in public. So as an older sister I feel it is important to remind myself and young girls of a few home truths.  We share what we others want to see, we do not share the arguments, hard time or unappealing things. Just remember that the next time you drive yourself crazy with self doubt.


So I have decided to start looking at things in a different light, reminding myself daily that I am worthy or love, able to achieve my dreams and that I am Beautiful. I am a massive fan of Ashley Graham I love the way she Empowers herself and other women. I think we all need to stand up for each other a lot more. If you see a Beautiful girl on Instagram instead of torturing yourself, comparing you to her, STOP and congratulate her Beauty, Make up or just tell her you admire her creativity. Chances are ten times that day she has talked herself down the way you do yourself. Be kind you never know others struggles.

 So I have been trying to learn to understand Self-Love and the benefits it has on me. This month I have been taking time out to practice Self-Love, getting back into the gym to create  a strong health mind and body. To have a relaxing 30 minutes each evening where I remind myself how well I got through the day and what I done for others. Try to look in the mirror each day and deliver these words in a strong reassuring voice, “I am strong, my body is wonderful, I am a good person and I love others selflessly.” I believe negative thoughts create negative situations. So with every spark of energy lets make the world a better place, create a positive relationship between your mind and yourself, at the end your should resides in your body so you should love it in all its forms.

So Ladies and Gentelman we are all Beautiful and worthy of each others respect, Empowerment and care. Lets build each other up, remember to bring someone down is something none of us has the right to do. Look after each other because frankly life is to short to spend it negatively impacting others.

All my love

Becca Blogger


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