Hello Beautiful people. I am here to share some amazing products with you and give you my honest views on them. I really struggle to find shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t cause dry dry scalp and break me out. I have been using Sally’s own brand Ion for a few weeks now and I am ready to talk about the results and share more amazing brands I discovered while visiting Sally Glasgow. So lets talk hair, I have been loving Ion colour protect Shampoo, Conditioner and my absolute favourite Miracle shine hair serum. I love the smell of these products and the way my hair is left feeling smooth and nourished. The best thing is how affordable these goodies are. The shampoo & conditioner are £7.99 each and the Serum is £8.99 and a little of each goes a long way, so the value for money is amazing.

Now lets talk about The Beauty Edit. As soon as I walked in my eyes were drawn to an amazing display featuring Nails IncBodyography and Contour Cosmetics. My mind was blown by the pigment in all these products. One swipe of the product and your skin beamed. Contour Cosmetics Spotlight pallet is the stuff dreams are made of, to look glowing, you simply have to add these highlighters to your collection. I have inserted a picture below to show how amazing the pay off is.

I am also in love with the Bodyography products. They have the best eyeshadows, in the most amazing shades. I will be heading back into town before Christmas to stock up. The lip glosses are also wonderful and would make the cutest stocking fillers. I think I will need to get a second job to keep up with my new Sally’s addiction.

I cannot believe how many times I have walked past Sally’s ,not knowing what I have been missing out on. All those fab brands under one roof, with the most helpful staff ever. Guys, be sure to remember you do not need a trade card to shop in Sally’s for any of the products I have shared with you. So if your looking for amazingly priced products get yourself along and have a wee look at all the goodies in store.

All Views in this post are my own and in no way influenced by others.

All my Love Becca Blogger x x x

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