People say home is where the heart. I live in a small village called Old Kilpatrick; a place where the lush green hills are my focal point each and every day. A place I always feel safe and like my mum is right by my side. Where I live is a very special little place. I just never really thought about the big things that are happening within this little village. Growing up there were very few shops. All beauty needs were met by the Lloyds pharmacy; things have changed. I really wanted to create this blog post to inspire people to visit Old Kilpatrick and I can only hope you see even a small part of its wonder. So sit back relax, grab a cuppa, while I tell you all about the places to be in Old Kilpatrick.


B-lush: As a beauty blogger, I am always looking for places that inspire me, where I can relax and just be me. Walking through the door, I was greeted by the very friendly, helpful & talented, Carly. I was in awe of the tranquil, relaxed, yet social environment. I booked in to have shellac applied to my nails. Carly allowed me some time to choose my colour. The best part is she gave me advice and helped me go for a nice bold shade. I was shown to the nail bar. I could see Carly’s flare for her job; very focused and a nail painting genius. Time slipped away. I was relaxed and felt special. I was thrilled with how my nails turned out. If you are looking for any beauty treatments, B-Lush is my new go-to place. Massages, nails, make-up or even facials. I grabbed a price list on my way out. Their prices are very competative, given their fantastic level of service and the quality of their work. I cannot wait to return and experience more of this wonderful little place.

Inside B-Lush

My Shellac nails by Carly at B-lush

Paton’s Parcels: A small stroll past Old Kilpatrick, is an amazing little place called Bowling, where I spent a lot of my childhood basking in the sun and wishing my childhood would never end. Now a days, it is even more picturesque especially with Paton’s Parcels; a little treasure chest of all things wonderful. Packed full of fantastic gift ideas for loved ones or even just to spoil yourself. From scarfs, bags, jewellery & homeware to beautiful candles, there is so much wonderful stock to choose from. I visited at Christmas time. Elaine’s service is what made this place so special. She really cares about her customers and helping them purchase products they will love for a lifetime. So, of course, I decided I had to include Elaine & Paton’s Parcels in my Blog post. I visited last week, treating myself to some Joma Jewellery and a Peppermint Grove candle. The stock is divine. Elaine, her mother and her daughter’s are all so helpful. I dare you to leave without buying anything. I cannot wait to return and start my Christmas shopping.

The Ettrick: Everyone loves their local pub. Mine, just happened to have had a total revamp and it looks amazing. After a day of having my nails done, shopping and taking in the beauty of Old Kilpatrick, I just had to head along to The Etrick for some wonderful cocktails. I sat at the bar. A great atmosphere; relaxed, with a wonderful buzz. I ordered my favourite cocktail; a Frech Martini. Not an easy drink to perfect, however, The Ettrick hit it on the head. Sitting sipping my drink and listening to the live music, made me feel lucky to have all these amazing places on my door step. So if you’re in need for a midweek life saver or a weekend blow out, I could not recommend this place more. My favourite part about The Ettrick is there is no trouble, everyone is just out to enjoy a drink and relax.


I hope you guys really enjoyed reading about Old Kilpatrick. If you feel inspired to visit, I hope you feel as passionate about this little village as I do. I have listed details below of all businesses featured in my blog post. I would like to say the warmest “Thank You” to all mentioned businesses for being truly wonderful and really opening their arms to Becca Blogger and letting me share a little bit about their hard work and passion.

Lots of Love Becca Blogger x x x x



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The Ettrick:

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