Hey all “Becky with the good hair” here!

So I started this Sex & dating blog months ago and I became loved up and like many other things it took a back burner and I honestly thought who’d want relationship and sex advice from someone madly in love……..ermmmm everyone?!?!?!?!!? I have been missing a trick!

Recently I have be searching the internet, for inspiration and I cant find any blogs, as down and dirty as SEX & THE CHIPPY is going to take you!

WELL THIS BLOG IS FOR everyone, if your looking for MR Right, MR RIGHT NOW, SELF LOVE, SEX TIPS, KINKY CRINGE well this blog is for you guys!

My relationship status really doesn’t matter for the proposes of this blog post.(we will talk about that in another episode!) Right now I’m here to let you know what (or rather who’s going down!)

Ladies & Gents, here we really dont care about your relationship status….well unless your on Jeremy Kyle show for the 5th time then frankly I care a wee bit coz I’m still waiting to find out who your kids dad is! (But I digress)

This is an update, as of right now THE SEX & THE CHIPPY, blog is back and in business! I will be covering, SEX, LOVE, DATING & REALATIONSHIP ADVICE!

THIS IS NOT ANOTHER DATING BLOG, this blog will venture places people are scared to go! I will be “Whipping” you all out of your comfort zones.

SEX & THE CHIPPY, blogs will be posted once a week on a Friday!

The first of the new season starts Friday 22nd November, want to know what its about. Here’s a clue, I took a prude friend into a SEX shop and lets just say it inspired me!

Acting all cute and shit!

All my love Becky from the Chippy! xxx


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