A new Relationship can be anything from exciting to scary we all have our own issues and learning how to make the early days of a relationship work is something many people don’t talk about. I’m in the first 4 months of a new relationship, mostly its butterflies, rainbows and complete and utter passion. Let’s talk about how to make it work, how to keep it fun and how to both get exactly what you need from your partners.

ONE on ONE time
Date nights are something I really credit to a happy relationship; I love nothing more than when me and my man make time for each other. Set one night a month away schedule it in the diary and get dressed up and go for a meal just you and your partner. Strapped for cash get some ingredients make a pizza together, with a bottle of wine and chat about the week you both had. Remembering to put phones away and really invest in the one on one time together that’s sure to keep the magic alive. Make sure to listen to your partner during this set aside time let them voice any concerns, maybe they are feeling you don’t get enough time together when someone is in a relaxed fun environment, they let their walls down and share more.

Spice up his life!
I understand new relationships are easier to keep things fun in the bedroom than a few years down the line, trust me I’ve been there too. At the start keep it fun introduce games that start in the Livingroom but end in the bedroom. Visit Anne summers and buy some new underwear, some toys, send your partner a text while you’re at work to tell them you can wait to see them you have a treat in store. This is a massive one for me, I’m lucky we both communicate well regarding this and keep it exciting, but we make a special effort because it’s something at the start we both stressed was important to each of us. Some people like more romantic passion run your partner a bath with some candles, open a beer or wine for them let them relax then make there way to the bedroom.

One thing I love about the new man in my life, he makes me laugh all the time so much so I’m seriously wondering why I don’t have a six pack (seriously he’s that funny) a good sense of humour is the most sexy thing in the world to me, someone who can make me laugh is top of my list! I can come home from the longest day at work, he will be there and say something stupid that just makes me smile and see the good in everything. Remember to laugh with your partner, this keeps you young! If you can laugh together it can fix a lot of issues and keep you both relaxed.

Little things mean a lot!
Remember how you do things in the start sets a precedence for the future, rightly so in my eyes. I don’t want a man to treat me special the first few weeks then become lazy later down the line. Make each other a packed lunch if you have spent a night together, send them a special text just for them, cook dinner for them and let them relax. This should all be equal and sharing things like this is so important to your happiness.

DISCLAMIER: My relationships have never been nor will ever be perfect, however I want to share things that make me happy and are relevant to my life at the time of posting. These are tips me and my boyfriend both use and they really help us navigate through the early states of our relationship and keep us both happy ( and free from killing each other lol)

All my love Becca Blogger xxx

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