My stomach has always been a troublesome area for me, even when I lose weight through healthy eating and toning up at the gym, my stomach still feels lose and not as firm as I would hope for. I am someone who doesn’t fancy having cosmetic surgery mainly because I’m terrified of things going wrong and looking like Frankenstein!!! I have always seen adverts for Lipofirm Pro its something that is endorsed by the likes of Vicky Patterson and Katie Price. I decided to get in contact with a wonderful lady who is a member of the Glasglow Girls Group Catherine Gibson who is trained in administering the Lipofirm Pro Treatment. Catherine offered to give me information about the treatment which she offers at £80 for one treatment and prices are reduced when taking block session. For the amazing results you can achieve in just one session Lipofirm Pro is extremely affordable, especially when you see the results after one 45 – minute session. I’ve inserted some pictures below of Catherine’s amazing beauty room. I wanted to share as it’s so tranquil and a place that puts you mind and body to rest while you lay back and have your chosen area worked on. 

 How does it feel: I want to share with you the way the treatment feels to take away any worry that its painful. It’s a warm relaxing sensation with a slight pulse. (put it this way sit ups are more painful) my favourite thing about the treatment was chatting to Catherine, she put my mind at rest and this allowed me to enjoy my treatment. Catherine is very clear this treatment works best when you followed alongside a healthy lifestyle.

The Results: I lost 12cm from my stomach and hips in one treatment (YES ONE TREATMENT) which is amazing, this treatment would be perfect to get you motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle. Since having my treatment, it gave me the confidence I needed to put my gym gear on and start eating better and working out! I understand this may be a strange thing to motivate you, however my stomach felt tight and i was ready to further the result and Lipofrim Pro gave me the kick start I needed!

The Machine: I want to introduce you to the machine that gave me these amazing results, seeing the machine in this form made it natural and took any fear I had away so I wanted to share with you. There is almost no noise during the treatment other than chatting with Catherine if you desire, but as she is so wonderful, I can guarantee you will be nattering away. This passes the time so fast and makes you really enjoy the whole (spa like experience)

The Proof: I have seen and felt the amazing effects, this pain free treatment has, if you visit Catherine’s Facebook page (LINK BELOW) you will see many of her client’s progress pictures. I couldn’t recommend this treatment highly enough. I have decided to book for further sessions, on my bottom next time to help along side my squats to really life my booty and get rid of some cellulite which I struggle with.

Thank You: I want to say a massive Thank you to Catherine for her time and giving me a treatment that really works and helped to boost my body confidence. This treatment was gifted to me as always this is a 100% honest review and the inches lost is the proof in the pudding! All my love Becca blogger x x x


Catherine’s Instagram = @timelessskinclinic 

Link = Timeless Skin Clinic


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