Your single and ready to mingle? It’ 2018 chivalry is dead! So how do we find the man of our dreams of course we head online! Online dating is a great way of getting back out there, you can sit at home in your jammies eating ice cream will flirting up a storm with some attractive man. This post is all about Surviving the crazy world of online dating, so relax grab a glass of wine while I give you my top tips to survive online dating!

 Rule Number one!

Be Safe! This is the most important tip I can give you, I use Plenty of Fish it’s a great dating app with good features. Understand with every app there is bad people who are out to cause hurt, so make sure if you are meeting anyone, you arrange in a safe public place. Never let someone come to your house and never go to their house. Look after yourself, you come first make sure you keep your standards high when it comes to safety and the men you date!

 Rule Number Two

Be honest! there is no point telling a guy you work for the CIA, when in fact you work in Tesco. This applies for every aspect of your life, be honest, upfront and it will pay off for the right guy. If telling the truth about yourself puts a guy off trust me QUEEN, he isn’t the man for you. Except only truth from others, it would be great to believe you were talking to a male model based in Paris but let’s be honest there is a higher chance you are talking to DAVE sitting in his Maws basement!

Rule Number three

Be Yourself! It’s important to understand all your amazing qualities before you sign up to online dating. Know your worth, times it by ten and add tax! You are the only person on this planet who is good at being you! Relax, talk about your interests, likes and even dislikes this finds an even ground. Listen honey if he doesn’t love you at your worst (drunk singing all by myself!) he doesn’t deserve you at your best.

Rule Number Four

Have Fun! NO I don’t mean SEX! Online you will find a lot of men and women looking for Sex understand this isn’t the only way you can have fun with someone! Relax and allow yourself to get to know new people. Dating is the exciting part, new, fresh and exciting. Two people can have fun, without taking their clothes off “We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time!” TUNE! Pick a fun date go somewhere new, somewhere you can get to know each other and have a laugh in the process.

I hope you liked this post, I will be doing more features about online dating and trust me they get funny. All my Love Becca Blogger x x x

Disclaimer: These are rules I follow when using any online dating app, make sure you are in the right frame of mind before setting up any dating account. It can be a scary place. This post is aimed at Adults age 18 and over! Children should not use these apps!

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