Weekdays for me come and go without anything spooktacular happening, all to often for my liking (see what I did there?) I was so excited when Hummingbird Communications (Scotland) Ltd contacted me and asked me along to an event in Boots at the Glasgow Fort. I jumped at the chance because it was with NYX, a fantasatic beauty brand. Halloween was truly on its way with this event. We were introduced to the beautiful MeganAlison, who had very kindly set us out some Halloween sweeties to keep us quiet while Megan created a half Glam & Half skull look on Alison.

Megan started by applying some very light foundation for the skull side, then using an NYX black eye shadow, she created the shape of the skull. These small touches really made the look pop and come to life. She used white liner to create contrast and for the finishing touches, my all time favourite, a little bit of glitter. See below for a picture of the amazing finished look, which I cannot wait to recreate for my Halloween party on the 4th of November.

For all Make up needs, head along to these awesome girls. They are so helpful and want you to get the best products for your desired look. I chose two lip liners ,a purple colour and a berry colour. I was a massive fan of the set up of the NYX counter. I will be heading back soon to add to my collection. I have put a picture below of the beautiful Jamie Genevieve who is seen modeling some of the NYX products. If it’s good enough for the Glaswegian Queen of Make up, it’s good enough for me.

Thank you so much for reading. Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know your Halloween plans. All my love Becca Blogger xx

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