All opinions and views featured on Becca Blogger are my own (Rebecca Forrester) these views are for enjoyment, information and reviewing purposes only. Please bare in mind my opinions are my own and what I think or products, situations or other may be completely different from your own. This is a fun space, to create and share. All reviews on beauty products are based on my skin type and a great knowledge of my own body, please understand your skin and body may be different and react in different ways.


My Blog has been created based on my honest opinion in every situation, I want you to know you can trust me. Therefore, I will never be paid to speak positively about a product if I do not agree. My opinions will always be constructive with a view to provide improvement. Please understand my views may differ from you and I am here to create a fun, safe place. All My Love Becca Blogger x x x

Becca Blogger

This is a safe place to share, give advice and most importantly laugh. I am a regular contributor for The Glasglow Girls Club, where you can read all about my dating life! So why not subscribe to get all my tips and hints on how to survive life, beauty hacks, love advice and many more wonderful topics.

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