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Hey all “Becky with the good hair” here!

So I started this Sex & dating blog months ago and I became loved up and like many other things it took a back burner and I honestly thought who’d want relationship and sex advice from someone madly in love……..ermmmm everyone?!?!?!?!!? I have been missing a trick!

Recently I have be searching the internet, for inspiration and I cant find any blogs, as down and dirty as SEX & THE CHIPPY is going to take you!

WELL THIS BLOG IS FOR everyone, if your looking for MR Right, MR RIGHT NOW, SELF LOVE, SEX TIPS, KINKY CRINGE well this blog is for you guys!

My relationship status really doesn’t matter for the proposes of this blog post.(we will talk about that in another episode!) Right now I’m here to let you know what (or rather who’s going down!)

Ladies & Gents, here we really dont care about your relationship status….well unless your on Jeremy Kyle show for the 5th time then frankly I care a wee bit coz I’m still waiting to find out who your kids dad is! (But I digress)

This is an update, as of right now THE SEX & THE CHIPPY, blog is back and in business! I will be covering, SEX, LOVE, DATING & REALATIONSHIP ADVICE!

THIS IS NOT ANOTHER DATING BLOG, this blog will venture places people are scared to go! I will be “Whipping” you all out of your comfort zones.

SEX & THE CHIPPY, blogs will be posted once a week on a Friday!

The first of the new season starts Friday 22nd November, want to know what its about. Here’s a clue, I took a prude friend into a SEX shop and lets just say it inspired me!

Acting all cute and shit!

All my love Becky from the Chippy! xxx


Catching feelings for Mr Wrong!

At this stage in my life “catching feelings is a NO”, I am working hard on myself and trying to adjust to single life and all its perks. Sometimes even with the greatest intentions your feelings get involved and you end up getting hurt, so I wanted to share this experience and hopefully, it helps you guys understand its ok to fall for someone, but as soon as they prove they don’t deserve you MOVE THE FUCK ON! To many people let the opposite sex, take advantage and treat them bad, my rules are simple if you don’t match the effort I put in ill be telling you “BOY BYE” Let’s start at the beginning, I knew what I was getting into with this man he wasn’t right for me and had only cruel intentions as he reminded me often. I told myself daily do not get emotionally involved, but sometimes you just fall for someone and there is no real explanation, the best part is there are great men in my life that are good, but no Becca fell for a bad boy! When I realized, I had caught the dreaded feelings, I spoke to friends and they all told me to stay clear, but ladies we have all had that one guy who just makes us bin all logic and dive in head first.

How do we remain powerful when someone intentionally or unintentionally hurts us? Simple you remind yourself of your worth, you look directly in the mirror and say you deserve better than what is being offered here. Keep your dignity and don’t lash out, let things fizzle out naturally and don’t cause any hurt to the other person because that’s when all Power is lost. Put the focus back on yourself, workout, eat well, spend time with friends, go on dates anything to make you that’s with Mr Wrong is not where you should be.

Should you give him another chance?  I will give the same advice I gave myself and would give to my friends, HELL TO THE NO! I am a strong believer that men and women only need to show their intentions once to give you and insight into what kind of person they are. Move on, it might be hard when you really care about someone but trust me, in the long run, you will save time, tears and a shit load of self-worth.

Be thankful for the lessons they taught you! Remember just because someone hurt you doesn’t mean that was their plan, people deal with emotions in all different ways. Move on but think of what they taught you, maybe it was how to laugh, maybe it was how to be stronger. For whatever reason, they came into your life to shape you in some way so allow that.

Becca’s Top Tips for moving on from Mr Wrong!

1.) Focus on yourself, keep busy and remember literally there is plenty more fish in the sea!
2.) Don’t go backwards, move on and trust you have made the correct decision.
3.) Never forget Mr Right will come along you just have to kiss a few frogs to find him!


What women want!

YES, Ladies! We talked about what we didn’t want from the opposite sex, now let’s talk about what we do want! I thought this would be the perfect first blog post for my new dating feature Sex and the Chippy. Grab a cup of tea, a wine or your man and he can read along and gain some insight into the crazy female mind

“You got me feeling emotions!”
I want  a man who can tell me what he is feeling, this is on the top of my list, dating and relationships are really hard because there is so much pressure on men these days to be air quote “MANLY” but let’s break it down being open and honest isn’t lessening his manhood its just showing he’s versatile. It saves time for me if a man can open up and tell me what he wants from a situation, this way in my head I know where I stand and what we can both offer each other. I’m someone who needs back what I give out so this is really important.

“Dream Lover”
It goes without saying, when it comes to Sex it takes two people, its a time for working together and creating a great experience. That brings me onto my next point, I want a man who knows how to leave his ego outside the bedroom door and remain focused on creating a safe and fun environment. What I’m trying to say he needs to be able to follow instruction and GIVE his all (WINK WINK) we women want a man who is as confident inside the bedroom as he is outside this makes us feel safe. So men its really simple you just have to be our Dream Lover!

Women want a man, who won’t break their heart, we all love a bit of treating them mean to keep them keen, but not when it comes to playing with our hearts. This is a two-way street if your dating or in a serious relationship just don’t break each other’s hearts. I need a man that has only good intentions with my heart! Many women agree a good man is worth a thousand bad boy

“Vision of love!”
I want a man, that the word LOVE doesn’t scare him shitless, I don’t say I love you easy but when I feel it its real so my man better be comfortable with using the big L word. Love to women wants a man who makes her feel loved, I’m not talking material stuff I’m talking about silly things like texting her first thing in the morning just to tell her your thinking of her. Calling her when you’re free, just to make her smile, that’s love.

I think that covers all the things we women want in a man, I don’t feel that is asking too much and to be honest there are plenty of men that are more than willing to give all these things and so much more. This blog post is not a trash talk on all men, I love men and I have plenty of amazing men in my life that offer me each of these qualities! All my Love Becca Blogger x x x

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What Women DON’T Want!

I have received a lot of messages asking about my dating life, so I thought I would write a blog post with some standards I set for myself when it comes to dating and meeting new people. This post is applicable for both men and women and is in no way bashing men. I wanted to write from my experiences of online dating!

Destination Cancellation!

Men who cancel plans with me is a massive NO NO! You have set a date, got ready (ladies you all know how long that can take) and at the last minute he cancels, for no good reason. Don’t get mad! Make your man aware you are disappointed you aren’t getting to seem him! DO NOT MAKE NEW PLANS, with him he canceled so let him make the next move. Women don’t want a flaky man, they want someone who will be there when they say they will. SIMPLE!


The only Ghost I want in my life is in the series Power, he is the perfect type of ghost. So many of you answered my poll this week and said why do men Ghost women! Women don’t want a man who texts for days on end shows attention, then falls of the face of the earth. It is easy to keep reaching out trust me DON’T DO IT! I always think about myself in this situation if I am thinking of you I send a text simple no games! If he doesn’t text back for days on end, move on chances are he already has.

A guy with a massive Ego!

Confidence for me is a great quality in a man, but sometimes it passes a line and slides into cockiness. I know some attractive men who are down to earth. Someone listing what they have in life doesn’t appeal to me. A guy bragging about all the other women he has or has had just pushes me away. Ladies if he is checking himself out in your sunglasses, I suggest you take them off and make him focus on you.

Board Games!

I have the attention span of a gold fish, so if you want to play games with me chances are I am board after your first move. I am upfront, honest and some may even say brutal. Not many women are into game playing, trust me when I say it’s a waste of time. Everyone likes the thrill of the chase, but when that chase turns into a 10k run with hoops of fire its best to sit this one out.


This post is written from my own personal experience, there are millions of amazing men out there! Next weeks post will be What Women Want!

How to Survive Online Dating!

Your single and ready to mingle? It’ 2018 chivalry is dead! So how do we find the man of our dreams of course we head online! Online dating is a great way of getting back out there, you can sit at home in your jammies eating ice cream will flirting up a storm with some attractive man. This post is all about Surviving the crazy world of online dating, so relax grab a glass of wine while I give you my top tips to survive online dating!

 Rule Number one!

Be Safe! This is the most important tip I can give you, I use Plenty of Fish it’s a great dating app with good features. Understand with every app there is bad people who are out to cause hurt, so make sure if you are meeting anyone, you arrange in a safe public place. Never let someone come to your house and never go to their house. Look after yourself, you come first make sure you keep your standards high when it comes to safety and the men you date!

 Rule Number Two

Be honest! there is no point telling a guy you work for the CIA, when in fact you work in Tesco. This applies for every aspect of your life, be honest, upfront and it will pay off for the right guy. If telling the truth about yourself puts a guy off trust me QUEEN, he isn’t the man for you. Except only truth from others, it would be great to believe you were talking to a male model based in Paris but let’s be honest there is a higher chance you are talking to DAVE sitting in his Maws basement!

Rule Number three

Be Yourself! It’s important to understand all your amazing qualities before you sign up to online dating. Know your worth, times it by ten and add tax! You are the only person on this planet who is good at being you! Relax, talk about your interests, likes and even dislikes this finds an even ground. Listen honey if he doesn’t love you at your worst (drunk singing all by myself!) he doesn’t deserve you at your best.

Rule Number Four

Have Fun! NO I don’t mean SEX! Online you will find a lot of men and women looking for Sex understand this isn’t the only way you can have fun with someone! Relax and allow yourself to get to know new people. Dating is the exciting part, new, fresh and exciting. Two people can have fun, without taking their clothes off “We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time!” TUNE! Pick a fun date go somewhere new, somewhere you can get to know each other and have a laugh in the process.

I hope you liked this post, I will be doing more features about online dating and trust me they get funny. All my Love Becca Blogger x x x

Disclaimer: These are rules I follow when using any online dating app, make sure you are in the right frame of mind before setting up any dating account. It can be a scary place. This post is aimed at Adults age 18 and over! Children should not use these apps!

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