Cocktail Bliss at The Blythswood Square Hotel

Most of us dread Monday’s. The weekend is over and we have to face the week ahead. Well not this Monday, as I was lucky enough to get the fabulous opportunity to head to the Blythswood Square Hotel and enjoy an evening of splendour, tasting the Salon Bars new cocktail menu. I walked up the staircase and was met with a sleek, classy marble topped bar. I took my seat and admired the stunning glass of pink fizz as I watched in awe as the bubbles slowly floated to the top, as if wishing to escape into the wonderful atmosphere created outside the glass.

We were introduced to Connor, who would be making the cocktails for us. Immediately it was clear to see his passion and flare for creating and serving these wonderful cocktails. Connor poured knowledge about all things alcohol as perfectly as he poured the cocktails. I feel that the Salon Bar really goes that extra mile and provides so much more than just a cocktail. It’s a story. It’s a whole process of love and care put into each glass and served to yours truly. The Blythwood source good quality produce and make there own syrups and really care about the alcohol they serve you. The first drink was named “A Night in Paris”.  Who needs Paris when you can have The Bylthswood Hotel for an evening of luxurious cocktails.

The second drink was “Gin Basil Fix”. This was my personal favourite. With the fresh zing of lemon juice bouncing around in your mouth, then you are slowly soothed by the mint. This would be my drink of choice on all occasions. I am sure it won’t be long before I am back tasting that sensational little glass of goodness that really does just melt away the Monday blues.

The third Cocktail was the “Chamomile Daisy” featuring elder flower syrup, Bacardi, lemon juice and some other wonderful ingredients, but you will have to visit to find out the rest.  It simply would not be the same making these at home, the taste was heightened by the ambience in the Salon Bar; cool, calm and bloody beautiful.

The final cocktail was a “Negroni” consisting of Old Tom Gin. I found this one rather strong so in classic Salon Bar style, Connor topped mine with orange juice making it sweeter and more suited to my pallet. This is the 5 star service you receive at The Blythswood Square Hotel. It is these small touches that places them head and shoulders above the competition.

I had a wonderful night and I would like to thank Phil from Skapa PR for an invite like no other. He was wonderful and put us all at ease and made sure we were all introduced and mingled well. So thank you Phil and I hope to be at an event with you again in the near future.

Ladies & Gents; get dressed up, get together and get to the Blythswood and head straight for the Salon Bar and ask for a cocktail. My suggestion; ask what they recommend. By god they know their stuff.

Lots of Love Becca Blogger



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