Fort Kinnaird Odeon

I love to escape the real world with a trip to the cinema; sit back and relax and be transported to a diffrent world for a few hours. Recently, I was lucky enough to get to go to the Fort Kinnaird Odeon. I thought I would blog about my experience and let you know why it is now one of my favourite cinemas. Walking in the main entrance, you are greeted with a costa to the left and all the cinema treats you can dream of to the right. I, of course, headed straight for the popcorn, nachos and ice blasts. The pick’n’mix area was massive and I could imagine kids having a ball picking there goodies for the movie.

We got our treats; popcorn, nachos and drinks and headed in to take our seats. The seats were very comfortable and the cinema showingroom was very clean and inviting. ‘Black Panther’ was our movie of choice, which was great and I would really recommend it. One thing I really loved about the Fort Kinnaird Odeon was that it is surrounded with shopping and food hotspots from shops like Next, TKmaxx, Primark, New Look to Food lovers heaven such as Nandos, Pizza Express and Chiquitos.

It’s is nice to break routine, step outside your comfort zone and try a new movie spot. Odeon Fort Kinniard is perfect for dates, girls nights or even just a wee night to yourself. The staff are all very helpful which really makes all the diffrence. I think this is the best looking cinema I have been to; it is new, fresh and exciting.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Hummingbird Communication for a fantasic evening and introducing me to this amazing cinema, which I will now be visiting very frequently. For anyone looking to book tickets please see the link below. All my Love Becca Blogger x x x

Fort Kinnaird Odeon

Holiday Gems

The new year is here and like many with the January blues, I am spending my days dreaming of warmer climates and surfing Holidays Gems website.

Anything to get away from the cold and all the snow we have been having. On my list of favourite places, you will find Lanzarote up near the top of the list, having been to Playa Blanca many times. I would love to return to a different area, so I have been doing my research and found a lovely part of the island called Costa Teguise. Costa Teguise was developed in the 1970’s and is a purpose built tourist destination. I absolutely love Lanzarote. It is only a four hour flight away, beaming hot sunshine all year round, and crystal clear ocean water. What more could you wish for?! Now I want to take some time to share with you some of the wonderful things to do in Costa Teguise.

Beaches: Costa Teguise offers five stunning beaches, all with glistening golden sand & clear blue waters. Some of the beaches are ready to lay down and bask in the sun, complete with sun loungers, umbrellas and even toilets. The others are more natural and secluded, so there is something to meet everyones needs. One of the great things about Lanzarote is you can visit any time of year and still be sure to get lovely weather. Costa Teguise has lovely hot summers and warm winters. In summer, the temperature is regularly in the high 20’s, averaging at 28 degrees, and even in the winter months you can expect an average of 21 degrees. Another great reason to escape the winter blues in this paradise island.

Water Park: Costa Teguise holds the island’s only water park, “The Aqua park”. This is great for families and couples. The prices are really reasonable with child tickets costing only 15 Euros and 18 Euros per adult. It’s a great day to break up your holiday and keep the children amused, and even the adults if you are like me and love to let your inner child out.

Shop till you drop: If you are like me, when you go on holiday you will love all the market stalls, selling goods that have been made on the island. As this is a tourist hot spot there is no lack of shops, aimed at tourists specifically. So, if the sun is getting too hot, take cover and grab yourself some gifts or if you are feeling generous, get the souvenirs in to take home to the family.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Holiday Gems. All opinions in this post are my own and in no way altered to suit any brand. To find out more about the amazing deals Holiday Gems has to offer for Costa Teguise, please click the link below to see their website.

All my love Becca Blogger x x x

Becca Blogger’s 2018 Dreams

First of all, thank you to each and every one of you for sticking with me in 2017. I cannot put into words what your support means to me. I have done nothing but believe in myself and I think it has paid off, so here’s to much more self-belief in 2018. So here are my dreams for the New Year. I hope this blog post inspires you all to look forward and do nothing with the past other than look back fondly and use your experiences to grow. Grace: For anyone who follows my blog you will know I fell in love with Grace by Christine McGrory, so my first plan is to keep Grace close to my heart and allow all the lessons within to help all my dreams come true. This will be achieved by hard work, strength and determination. So I thought I would write this post to look back during any trying times.

Positive Vibes only: This is something that can come only from within. I am going to try hard to remain positive, no matter what life puts in my path. I know what we put out into this world can come back in abundance so my heart and soul are ready to release only good thoughts out into the universe.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail: Every bone in my body know this is true, so in 2018 I will prepare more; writing lists, being orginised and focusing on my dreams. The New Year will be a time to make changes and my orginisation skills have never been 100%, so this is something I will be striving to sharpen up.

Blog twice every month: This seems really easy, however sometimes life gets in the way, so I will be putting a lot of effort into my blog to ensure at least two blogs per month go up. I really want to commit to this as I am always thinking about content I would love to share with you guys.

Write for a mag: I would love to work my ass off and get a chance to write for a magazine, so I have been drafting content to work with SheBiz and I am living in the dream that I can become a regular content provider for this wonderful sharing platform.

Be Me: Lastly but most importantly, I want to learn to really settle into my own skin and all its forms to fully understand “it’s ok to be me.” Sometimes I struggle to be myself and accept my flaws, so in 2018 I will be working on me and learning to love every part of me.

I would like to wish you all a Happy and prosperous 2018. May this world deliver you and your family safely into and through 2018. I would like to leave you with a small thought. You are in the driving seat of your life, so I want you to set goals and watch 2018 become your year. I would like you to love yourself and others endlessly, be kind and always show compassion. Trust in the plan the universe is working with you to create and remember, just because you think you are not where you want to be, doesn’t mean this crazy, beautiul world doesn’t have you just where you need to be.

All my love Becca Blogger x x x

The Hidden Lane

Glasgow is my hometown. I love the places, the spirt and the hard working people.  I love shopping as you all know, and my favourite is local businesses. Finnieston has become the new West End of Glasgow, with its upmarket bars and restaurants as well as its funky shops and boutiques. Everyone who comes to Glasgow now knows to visit Finnieston, but one place they might not know about is The Hidden Lane, which launched on Saturday 25th November. The Hidden lane is just a stones throw from Glasgow city centre. You can feel the magic pulsing as you walk down that magical lane. Cobbled streets, pretty little shop openings enticing you in to view their wonders. The most special thing is the shop owners themselves; so friendly, inspiring and knowledgable. So grab your coats and purses because Becca Blogger is taking you shopping.

Bonnie Bling: This place screams Glasgow; unique, quality items any fashion savvy shopper would be proud to own. I love the colours, the Scottish memorabilia. I could spend all my time & money in here. I will be popping back before Christmas to get some of there fab Christmas Baubles for the tree.

Cloud Nine Candles: You all know Becca Blogger loves a good candle & this is my new go to place for the best ones. This shop feels like a warm gentle hug for your soul. Natural light fragrances for every occassion. If you are looking for some stocking fillers, this is the lady you need to visit.

Uptown Squirrel: This lady is an artist. Beautiful design cover notebooks, tote bags and yes, even compact mirrors. I have been using mine like it’s going out of fashion (WHICH IT WON’T) These are real luxury items. (can you find the hidden animals?)

There are so many more amazing shops in The Hidden Lane, which I will link below. When we are finsihed shopping till we have dropped, We popped into the Hidden Lane tearoom for the most heartwarming environment. Afternoon tea is just the ticket after a day wandering around this magical wonderland. I had tea and cakes when I visited and it was divine.

The Hidden Lane is as it sounds, a hidden treasure. With it’s lovely shops, lovely people and great atmosphere, you really need to visit over the festive period. The Hidden Lane is there all year round, but their Hidden Christmas in The Hidden Lane is open throughout December, so get yourself down their to sample its delights.

All my love Becca Blogger x x x

All Links below

For a full list of the Hidden Lane’s shops and studios, please see The Hidden Lane’s website:















“Round My Home Town!”

People say home is where the heart. I live in a small village called Old Kilpatrick; a place where the lush green hills are my focal point each and every day. A place I always feel safe and like my mum is right by my side. Where I live is a very special little place. I just never really thought about the big things that are happening within this little village. Growing up there were very few shops. All beauty needs were met by the Lloyds pharmacy; things have changed. I really wanted to create this blog post to inspire people to visit Old Kilpatrick and I can only hope you see even a small part of its wonder. So sit back relax, grab a cuppa, while I tell you all about the places to be in Old Kilpatrick.


B-lush: As a beauty blogger, I am always looking for places that inspire me, where I can relax and just be me. Walking through the door, I was greeted by the very friendly, helpful & talented, Carly. I was in awe of the tranquil, relaxed, yet social environment. I booked in to have shellac applied to my nails. Carly allowed me some time to choose my colour. The best part is she gave me advice and helped me go for a nice bold shade. I was shown to the nail bar. I could see Carly’s flare for her job; very focused and a nail painting genius. Time slipped away. I was relaxed and felt special. I was thrilled with how my nails turned out. If you are looking for any beauty treatments, B-Lush is my new go-to place. Massages, nails, make-up or even facials. I grabbed a price list on my way out. Their prices are very competative, given their fantastic level of service and the quality of their work. I cannot wait to return and experience more of this wonderful little place.

Inside B-Lush

My Shellac nails by Carly at B-lush

Paton’s Parcels: A small stroll past Old Kilpatrick, is an amazing little place called Bowling, where I spent a lot of my childhood basking in the sun and wishing my childhood would never end. Now a days, it is even more picturesque especially with Paton’s Parcels; a little treasure chest of all things wonderful. Packed full of fantastic gift ideas for loved ones or even just to spoil yourself. From scarfs, bags, jewellery & homeware to beautiful candles, there is so much wonderful stock to choose from. I visited at Christmas time. Elaine’s service is what made this place so special. She really cares about her customers and helping them purchase products they will love for a lifetime. So, of course, I decided I had to include Elaine & Paton’s Parcels in my Blog post. I visited last week, treating myself to some Joma Jewellery and a Peppermint Grove candle. The stock is divine. Elaine, her mother and her daughter’s are all so helpful. I dare you to leave without buying anything. I cannot wait to return and start my Christmas shopping.

The Ettrick: Everyone loves their local pub. Mine, just happened to have had a total revamp and it looks amazing. After a day of having my nails done, shopping and taking in the beauty of Old Kilpatrick, I just had to head along to The Etrick for some wonderful cocktails. I sat at the bar. A great atmosphere; relaxed, with a wonderful buzz. I ordered my favourite cocktail; a Frech Martini. Not an easy drink to perfect, however, The Ettrick hit it on the head. Sitting sipping my drink and listening to the live music, made me feel lucky to have all these amazing places on my door step. So if you’re in need for a midweek life saver or a weekend blow out, I could not recommend this place more. My favourite part about The Ettrick is there is no trouble, everyone is just out to enjoy a drink and relax.


I hope you guys really enjoyed reading about Old Kilpatrick. If you feel inspired to visit, I hope you feel as passionate about this little village as I do. I have listed details below of all businesses featured in my blog post. I would like to say the warmest “Thank You” to all mentioned businesses for being truly wonderful and really opening their arms to Becca Blogger and letting me share a little bit about their hard work and passion.

Lots of Love Becca Blogger x x x x



Links to featured businesses:


Paton’s Parcels:

The Ettrick:

Blitz Patisserie

Life is all about everything in moderation, so for me finding new and exciting treats is what it’s all about. I have obsessed over Blitz Patisserie and their wonderful Instagram account for some time now. I was lucky enough to experience Luda’s wonderful customer service skills. She is passionate which makes Blitz Patisserie even better. I suffer from IBS so some times I pay for what I eat. I decided to put these cakes to the test and let you guys know my thoughts. For me, what separates the good from the great companies is the overall experience and with Blitz, I can promise, you wont be disappointed. They come in a beautiful box and Luda had included some business cards for me and wrote down the flavours of each cake. So come with me and we will live in a little cakey heaven.

I couldn’t wait to try them. The box was opened, the cakes were dished up and I indulged in them all of course and they did not fail to impress. They looked amazing! Part of me has been disappointed before with things free from refined sugar, gluten, soya and wheat, so I was apprehensive. Did they taste as good as they looked ?…HELL TO THE YES. For me being honest with my readers is everything, so I only work with companies I truly enjoy and put through some harsh testing. Roll on family review.

I invited my sister and her partner round to sample this stunning plate of cakes. My sister is very much into good food but her partner was going to be harder to please. He took one bite of the “Snickerz” cake and felt the same as me. We couldn’t believe how much it tasted like the real thing. My sister’s favourite was the white chocolate and raspberry; stunning soft chocolatey taste with big bits of moreish raspberry. My niece is 2 years old. Her choice was the caramel shortcake, which she couldn’t get enough of. Time for my opinion. I enjoyed tasting all these cakes and struggled to pick a winner. I am a real desserts girl, who loves everything indulgent. My go to cake would have to be the Snickerz, or if I was feeling fruity, the white chocolate and raspberry.

The biggest result for me was how my IBS reacted to these cakes. Safe to say I will be ordering some more of these treats very soon as there was no suffering for my indulgence. So if you’re looking for a sweet treat without all the clearly unnecessary ingredients head over to @Blitz_patisserie and treat yourself, or even better, someone you love to a little taste of luxury. I want to say Thank you very much to Luda for allowing me to work with such an amazing company. All opinions in this post are my own, with some help from my family. When reviewing any service, I like to make sure I have tested them on more than just myself, to give you guys an honest and reliable review.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed eating the cakes and writing for you guys. So if you now have a craving for delicious cakes look no further than Blitz Patisserie.

Lots of Love Becca Blogger.

Link for Blitz Patisserie


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