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Having your own home is a massive responsibility. As a homeowner, the priortiy is to keep your home and the people within it safe, so I have teamed up with Panasonic to share why I love their Indoor Security Camera. As someone who worries a lot about home security, this is top of my list. I live in a great area but I still worry about my house and think being able to check up on the place while you are not there is just otherworldy. So keep reading if you are a home owner, parent, pet owner or just like smart home equipment. The camera communicates with your Smart Hub, which is required for any smart devices in your house. Such as, Amazon Alexa, Smart Plugs, Smart Light Bulbs or The Hive heating device. This camera can send alerts to your smart device through its motion, temperature and sound sensors. The best part for me is the speakers. These allow you to talk to anyone in ear shot. I truly believe you cannot put a price on your family’s safety.

The Panasonic Indoor Camera would be perfect for any parent. Want to put the wee one down for a nap but worry about them? With this device you can go and have a coffee downstairs, while checking in on your smart device to make sure they are sleeping soundly. This camera will give you peace of mind. It will even play your child a lullaby to help them drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Have a playful puppy and worry that when you go to work, you will come home to a trashed house? No more I say, as this beauty will keep an eye on the puppy while you slave away. The camera’s motion sensor will make sure the device picks up the puppies every move. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wondered what their pet gets up to all day. I am thinking secret life of pets (ps. that is a must watch)

If you read my Holiday Gems post, you will know this year we will be setting off on holiday and I cannot think of a better way to keep my home safe than with this amazing device. Plus it saves me asking my family to check on the house, as I can just get them to check on their smart device with this nifty piece of equipment.

So, I am not sure what you are waiting for. I am off to order one of these bad boys right now, but shhhhh don’t tell Ian. Now I can make sure he is doing his chores. These camera’s can be bought from Argos, Currys PC World, or directly from Panasonic. I would definitely recommend checking out their website to see this device and many other fantastic pieces of technology.

Thanks for reading Ladies and Gents. All my Love Becca Blogger x x x

This is a sponsored post. As always all opinions are my own and in no way influenced by others. I only ever choose to work with brands and products I love and trust.

A massive thank you to Cassie at spot digital and to Panasonic for creating another awesome product.

BoConcept – My dream designer furniture

If you follow my YouTube channel you will be already have heard me mention that we have just had our house redecorated in preparation for the man in the red suit. On my path to creating my ideal living & blogging space I have put together a wish list of luxury goodies that would be a welcome addition to my décor vision. As with most people who buy their first home we initially bought items that were practical and let’s be honest cheap.  So the time has come to invest in pieces that we can carry with us for years to come moving from property to property with us. I think that a home should be a place for us to feel inspired, loved and desired. And for that reason I invite you all to dive into the world of designer furniture that is BoConcept. For those that have been eh living on some distant planet BoConcept is a high end Danish designer and manufacturer of modern furniture and have approximately 300 locations around the world.  They place an emphasis on fashion and functionality some which is important to most homeowner’s when choosing pieces to add to their homes.

The first piece making the cut and earning a place on my Wish List is this stunning Diamond side table.With its mirrored panels and sleek, sexy edges are enough to remind us that Diamonds really are forever. I already have a spot in our living room picked out to be blessed with the presence of this timeless piece. Our house is not the biggest so mirrors really help to create an open flowing space. I may have to be an extra good girl this year so maybe Santa will swing past BoConcept’s furniture shops in Glasgow.

This next item gives me all kinds of feelings. The Grey Neat Rug looks as soft as a cloud; fit enough for any princess to take a magic carpet ride on. This would be amazing in our living room. It’s cosy, stylish and begs the question, do we even need a sofa when we can drape ourselves on this beauty? I love rugs and BoConcept have hit the nail on the head with this one. If there is one thing I struggle to commit to, it’s a rug, because they are never as comfortable as I want them to be. So BoConcept, if you find me in the Glasgow furniture store, sprawled across this magical rug being fed grapes by some hunky man, please don’t call security. This rug is something any home owner would be proud to own and a real feature in any room.

Ireally did save the best for last. Anyone who knows me knows when it comes to my house I am obsessed with grey, no matter the tone. Some even say my house is 50 shades of grey, so I just had to add this to my wish list. We are in dire need of a new bed as ours has lost its charm and you know what they say on cribs; it really is where the magic happens. The Mezzo bed comes in 4 different colours, but my pick would be the Titanium Grey Estoril leather with the aluminium legs. As the BoConcept website suggests, “this is the Rolls Royce of beds and it will transform any ordinary bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary” .This bed is just calling my name. It is luxurious, inviting and I dream of spending my mornings reading in this divine bed that is fit for any King and Queen.

I hope this post inspires you guys to add a little luxury to your home and purchase some true interior investment items. I want to say thank you very much to BoConcept for bringing us this fantastic furniture which is unique and stylish and would add a little luxury to anyone’s home.

This is a sponsored post. All views and opinions are completely my own, based on research done by myself.


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Diamond Side table

Iron Grey Neat rug 

Mezzo Bed


Everyday we scroll social media, whether its to connect with old friends or keep up to date with current times. I find myself looking at other peoples pages comparing myself to them, their car, their lifestyle or even just how Beautiful they are. On Social Media you don’t have to look far to find negativity, people putting others down or airing there dirty laundry in public. So as an older sister I feel it is important to remind myself and young girls of a few home truths.  We share what we others want to see, we do not share the arguments, hard time or unappealing things. Just remember that the next time you drive yourself crazy with self doubt.


So I have decided to start looking at things in a different light, reminding myself daily that I am worthy or love, able to achieve my dreams and that I am Beautiful. I am a massive fan of Ashley Graham I love the way she Empowers herself and other women. I think we all need to stand up for each other a lot more. If you see a Beautiful girl on Instagram instead of torturing yourself, comparing you to her, STOP and congratulate her Beauty, Make up or just tell her you admire her creativity. Chances are ten times that day she has talked herself down the way you do yourself. Be kind you never know others struggles.

 So I have been trying to learn to understand Self-Love and the benefits it has on me. This month I have been taking time out to practice Self-Love, getting back into the gym to create  a strong health mind and body. To have a relaxing 30 minutes each evening where I remind myself how well I got through the day and what I done for others. Try to look in the mirror each day and deliver these words in a strong reassuring voice, “I am strong, my body is wonderful, I am a good person and I love others selflessly.” I believe negative thoughts create negative situations. So with every spark of energy lets make the world a better place, create a positive relationship between your mind and yourself, at the end your should resides in your body so you should love it in all its forms.

So Ladies and Gentelman we are all Beautiful and worthy of each others respect, Empowerment and care. Lets build each other up, remember to bring someone down is something none of us has the right to do. Look after each other because frankly life is to short to spend it negatively impacting others.

All my love

Becca Blogger


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