Lipofirm Pro Review

My stomach has always been a troublesome area for me, even when I lose weight through healthy eating and toning up at the gym, my stomach still feels lose and not as firm as I would hope for. I am someone who doesn’t fancy having cosmetic surgery mainly because I’m terrified of things going wrong and looking like Frankenstein!!! I have always seen adverts for Lipofirm Pro its something that is endorsed by the likes of Vicky Patterson and Katie Price. I decided to get in contact with a wonderful lady who is a member of the Glasglow Girls Group Catherine Gibson who is trained in administering the Lipofirm Pro Treatment. Catherine offered to give me information about the treatment which she offers at £80 for one treatment and prices are reduced when taking block session. For the amazing results you can achieve in just one session Lipofirm Pro is extremely affordable, especially when you see the results after one 45 – minute session. I’ve inserted some pictures below of Catherine’s amazing beauty room. I wanted to share as it’s so tranquil and a place that puts you mind and body to rest while you lay back and have your chosen area worked on. 

 How does it feel: I want to share with you the way the treatment feels to take away any worry that its painful. It’s a warm relaxing sensation with a slight pulse. (put it this way sit ups are more painful) my favourite thing about the treatment was chatting to Catherine, she put my mind at rest and this allowed me to enjoy my treatment. Catherine is very clear this treatment works best when you followed alongside a healthy lifestyle.

The Results: I lost 12cm from my stomach and hips in one treatment (YES ONE TREATMENT) which is amazing, this treatment would be perfect to get you motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle. Since having my treatment, it gave me the confidence I needed to put my gym gear on and start eating better and working out! I understand this may be a strange thing to motivate you, however my stomach felt tight and i was ready to further the result and Lipofrim Pro gave me the kick start I needed!

The Machine: I want to introduce you to the machine that gave me these amazing results, seeing the machine in this form made it natural and took any fear I had away so I wanted to share with you. There is almost no noise during the treatment other than chatting with Catherine if you desire, but as she is so wonderful, I can guarantee you will be nattering away. This passes the time so fast and makes you really enjoy the whole (spa like experience)

The Proof: I have seen and felt the amazing effects, this pain free treatment has, if you visit Catherine’s Facebook page (LINK BELOW) you will see many of her client’s progress pictures. I couldn’t recommend this treatment highly enough. I have decided to book for further sessions, on my bottom next time to help along side my squats to really life my booty and get rid of some cellulite which I struggle with.

Thank You: I want to say a massive Thank you to Catherine for her time and giving me a treatment that really works and helped to boost my body confidence. This treatment was gifted to me as always this is a 100% honest review and the inches lost is the proof in the pudding! All my love Becca blogger x x x


Catherine’s Instagram = @timelessskinclinic 

Link = Timeless Skin Clinic



As a blogger writing reviews can be hard, I always want to be 100% honest or for me it is a waste of time. When Tropic contacted me with a bold statement of people who love Liz Earle tend to love Tropic, I was put at ease with this statement as, I knew they had clearly done their research on me and noted how much I loved Liz Earle products. When my blogger mail dropped I was so excited to open my Tropic package, I was kindly sent the (Essentials kit LINK) the packaging is nice an clean. A little big about Tropic, Susie Ma’s was brought up in North Queensland in Australia, surrounded by plants & botanical actives that inspired many of Tropics formulations today. In 2011 Susie appeared on The Apprentice where she was able to convey her vision for natural & cruelty-free skincare to Lord Alan Sugar who became a 50/50 partner.

Straight away I headed to the bathroom to try the smoothing cleanser, a light scented fresh, creamy delight is contained within, applying to my hands gently warming between my fingers then in light circular motions to my face. I worried how it would react with my sensitive skin, the bamboo face cloth was applied under hot water rinsed and gentle swept across my face, not one bit of make-up was left on my face, big thumbs up for my first try. The cleanser has become an everyday treat of mine & the fact it is Vegan is also great.

The Vitamin tonner was the next product I tried it confused me a little as it was a spray type, which differs from my usual. I found this light and refreshing and can imagine it is a dream to take on holiday and sprits just to soften and tone the face. I am lazy when it comes to toning so this work a dream for me and many other busy ladies in a rush.

Skin revive is so hydrating it made me question everything I thought I knew about skin-care, the dry skin around my nose was buffed away after one application. I loved the smell on this product it was like a spa treatment at home.

My favourite product is 100% the Organic Elixir, I have very dry skin and I will be honest I have been loving applying this and mascara only and heading out for the day. My skin looks smooth, hydrated and tight. I will need to order more because that’s been used to almost the end. If you had to buy on item this is my desert island must have.

I do not review products which I would not buy, this is my new go to brand and you will be seeing a lot more of these products because I have been on the website and they also do make-up. I am going to order more items to try so stay tuned for a Tropic Make-up review. I am starting a new rating feature on the blog and this is my first time feeling comfortable to share a rating, please see below.

Tropic vs Becca Blogger 4.5/5

1 star for brand beliefs (Vegan/Natural products)

1 star for future buy (100% I will buy from Tropic)

1 star for effects on skin (Smooth, clean, healthy & moisturised)

1/2 star for packaging (I am a sucker for packaging and I feel a little more colour would up my mark)

1 star for scent (Very fresh, clean and natural)

All opinions on my Blog are my own, I was kindly gifted these items from Tropic, this is not a sponsored post.

Sara Hill Make-up

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so excited to share this post with you all. I bought these products at Christmas and I have been reaching for them at ever opportunity. I have always follwed the @sarahillmakeup instagram page and have been a total fan girl, so when I met the make-up queen herself, I had to add some more of her goodies to my collection. Sara is an editorial and celebrity make-up artist and the most exciting part is that this boss lady is Scottish just like me. I feel Sara has created a brand which so clearly speaks to all womens passions and one of the few brands who can say the products are cruelty free. The packaging is stunning and the products inside are even better. As it was coming up for Christmas, Sara had, in true Christmas spirit, created amazing glitter eye shadows, packaged as Christmas crackers with silver ribbon and a hat and joke inside. The perfect gift from me to me! I also had to choose some classic Becca Blogger shades you know; nudes, coppers and silvers. Everytime I wear these products, people comment on how beautiful my eye make-up is.

Glitter is something I struggle to work with but these shadows just do the work for you. The pay-off is unreal! One wave of your magic make-up brush and you will be glistening all night long. I love the shades as I know any girl could work these and feel amazing. Twelve shades and I feel my collection has only just begun. I love using these as eyeliner. A simple line and your eyes are your stand out feature. I am honoured to own these products. It’s really inspiring to see someone from the same country as you create such wonderful products.

Now, on to my everyday essentials. The below colours are everything and more I could ever need in my make-up bag to take me from drab to fab. Apollo, Sovereign, Cosmos and Moon Dust are my ride or die shades. I will cry when I run out of these bad boys. I love mixing these four colours together to create a really sexy smokey eye and hunnies, if you want to catch any man’s eye, these are the four I would say shoud be on your list for Valentine’s date night.

If you are looking for really trustworthy products, then visit and start your collection today. Be sure to follow the instagram page for real make-up inspiration, learn to love colour and never be afraid of it again.

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are 100% my own, all products were bought by myself and due to my love of them, I wanted to share my views with you lovely people.

All my love Becca Blogger.


Sally’s Union Street

Hello Beautiful people. I am here to share some amazing products with you and give you my honest views on them. I really struggle to find shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t cause dry dry scalp and break me out. I have been using Sally’s own brand Ion for a few weeks now and I am ready to talk about the results and share more amazing brands I discovered while visiting Sally Glasgow. So lets talk hair, I have been loving Ion colour protect Shampoo, Conditioner and my absolute favourite Miracle shine hair serum. I love the smell of these products and the way my hair is left feeling smooth and nourished. The best thing is how affordable these goodies are. The shampoo & conditioner are £7.99 each and the Serum is £8.99 and a little of each goes a long way, so the value for money is amazing.

Now lets talk about The Beauty Edit. As soon as I walked in my eyes were drawn to an amazing display featuring Nails IncBodyography and Contour Cosmetics. My mind was blown by the pigment in all these products. One swipe of the product and your skin beamed. Contour Cosmetics Spotlight pallet is the stuff dreams are made of, to look glowing, you simply have to add these highlighters to your collection. I have inserted a picture below to show how amazing the pay off is.

I am also in love with the Bodyography products. They have the best eyeshadows, in the most amazing shades. I will be heading back into town before Christmas to stock up. The lip glosses are also wonderful and would make the cutest stocking fillers. I think I will need to get a second job to keep up with my new Sally’s addiction.

I cannot believe how many times I have walked past Sally’s ,not knowing what I have been missing out on. All those fab brands under one roof, with the most helpful staff ever. Guys, be sure to remember you do not need a trade card to shop in Sally’s for any of the products I have shared with you. So if your looking for amazingly priced products get yourself along and have a wee look at all the goodies in store.

All Views in this post are my own and in no way influenced by others.

All my Love Becca Blogger x x x

Halloween at NYX

Weekdays for me come and go without anything spooktacular happening, all to often for my liking (see what I did there?) I was so excited when Hummingbird Communications (Scotland) Ltd contacted me and asked me along to an event in Boots at the Glasgow Fort. I jumped at the chance because it was with NYX, a fantasatic beauty brand. Halloween was truly on its way with this event. We were introduced to the beautiful MeganAlison, who had very kindly set us out some Halloween sweeties to keep us quiet while Megan created a half Glam & Half skull look on Alison.

Megan started by applying some very light foundation for the skull side, then using an NYX black eye shadow, she created the shape of the skull. These small touches really made the look pop and come to life. She used white liner to create contrast and for the finishing touches, my all time favourite, a little bit of glitter. See below for a picture of the amazing finished look, which I cannot wait to recreate for my Halloween party on the 4th of November.

For all Make up needs, head along to these awesome girls. They are so helpful and want you to get the best products for your desired look. I chose two lip liners ,a purple colour and a berry colour. I was a massive fan of the set up of the NYX counter. I will be heading back soon to add to my collection. I have put a picture below of the beautiful Jamie Genevieve who is seen modeling some of the NYX products. If it’s good enough for the Glaswegian Queen of Make up, it’s good enough for me.

Thank you so much for reading. Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know your Halloween plans. All my love Becca Blogger xx

Instagram: @beccablogger

Facebook: @beccablogger

Image Skin Care UK

For me, finding the correct products for my skin can be hard work. Suffering from break outs and eczema flare ups isn’t easy. So when @Babushka_pr contacted me regarding @Imageskincareuk I was very excited to try the products. I instantly had a look online and it wasn’t hard to find good reviews. As you guys know, I like to try a product for a minimum of a week before recommending them to you guys. Let’s start with the packaging, as that is the first impression we have of any product. I love simple, yet effective and these products give exactly that. If you don’t believe me, have a wee look below and see for yourself.

So here goes. So first of all “Prime” Flawless blur gel can only be compared to silk. As soon as it touches your skin it’s like a blanket of natural coverage, smoothing any lines or blemishes to create a perfect canvas for your foundation. A strange note to make but I really love the smell of it. It has a light, slightly citrus scent. I feel this will now be my go-to base before any other make-up is applied. Next we move onto the “Conceal Flawless Foundation”. First small disclaimer, I chose “Natural” and I am definitely going to buy the “Porcelin”, as I feel it would match my skintone much better. “Natural” is a beautiful shade, very fresh and wearable, it’s just a tiny bit too dark for my everyday look. The foundation’s tested well, it lasts, doesn’t dry out and gives great coverage. I was also sent a make up brush “No101 Flawless Foundation Brush”. It really works fantastically well with these products, and any other for that matter.

 So after trying these products for a week and loving them, I just HAD to share the look they create. I have been poorly for a while now, so I do not look myself, but with these two products and a touch of mascara it’s hard to tell that I have not been feeling myself. (See below for glowy, smooth, natural look created.)

I would like to say a massive thank you to @babushka_pr for allowing me to try these fantastic products. If you fancy any of the products mentioned in this blog post, simply click the link below and start your collection of Image Skincare.

Lots of Love Becca Blogger x x x


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