At this stage in my life “catching feelings is a NO”, I am working hard on myself and trying to adjust to single life and all its perks. Sometimes even with the greatest intentions your feelings get involved and you end up getting hurt, so I wanted to share this experience and hopefully, it helps you guys understand its ok to fall for someone, but as soon as they prove they don’t deserve you MOVE THE FUCK ON! To many people let the opposite sex, take advantage and treat them bad, my rules are simple if you don’t match the effort I put in ill be telling you “BOY BYE” Let’s start at the beginning, I knew what I was getting into with this man he wasn’t right for me and had only cruel intentions as he reminded me often. I told myself daily do not get emotionally involved, but sometimes you just fall for someone and there is no real explanation, the best part is there are great men in my life that are good, but no Becca fell for a bad boy! When I realized, I had caught the dreaded feelings, I spoke to friends and they all told me to stay clear, but ladies we have all had that one guy who just makes us bin all logic and dive in head first.

How do we remain powerful when someone intentionally or unintentionally hurts us? Simple you remind yourself of your worth, you look directly in the mirror and say you deserve better than what is being offered here. Keep your dignity and don’t lash out, let things fizzle out naturally and don’t cause any hurt to the other person because that’s when all Power is lost. Put the focus back on yourself, workout, eat well, spend time with friends, go on dates anything to make you that’s with Mr Wrong is not where you should be.

Should you give him another chance?  I will give the same advice I gave myself and would give to my friends, HELL TO THE NO! I am a strong believer that men and women only need to show their intentions once to give you and insight into what kind of person they are. Move on, it might be hard when you really care about someone but trust me, in the long run, you will save time, tears and a shit load of self-worth.

Be thankful for the lessons they taught you! Remember just because someone hurt you doesn’t mean that was their plan, people deal with emotions in all different ways. Move on but think of what they taught you, maybe it was how to laugh, maybe it was how to be stronger. For whatever reason, they came into your life to shape you in some way so allow that.

Becca’s Top Tips for moving on from Mr Wrong!

1.) Focus on yourself, keep busy and remember literally there is plenty more fish in the sea!
2.) Don’t go backwards, move on and trust you have made the correct decision.
3.) Never forget Mr Right will come along you just have to kiss a few frogs to find him!


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