For the next four weeks I am taking part in “The Biggest loser challenge” this is happening at the boxing I attend which is run by @mcguganchris, for me this is a massive motivator to kick start me on my way to a healthier lifestyle! I was weighted and measure on Tuesday 1/5/2018 after four weeks everyone who is taking part will have there losses calculated and their will be a winner! I thought I would Blog about my plans and hopefully answer some of the questions I have been getting on Instagram from all you lovely lot! I am so excited to take you on this journey and add it as another feature on the blog. I am always honest with you guys, so you will be hearing about the good and bad days. Please remember what I am doing this week may change next week as I listen very closely to my body!

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Answers to the questions dropping into my DM’S are below!

Why am I trying to lose weight?

Simple, I am over weight, unhealthy and have a dreadful relationship with food! I struggle a lot with my weight, so much so that recently I have hated buying clothes because I am unhappy at this size!

Why are you training twice a day? “that’s really bad for you!!”

I train twice a day, because I am competing in a challenge, I want to work out as much as I can and eat a balanced diet. Training releases endorphins in the brain, which make me feel good for hours after a good gym session! I have never been a morning person, to get up and workout before work is something I always said I could never do! (Old me, LOOK AT ME GO NOW!)

What is my diet like?

This is the easiest question, it is healthy, balanced and cutting out all the crap my body is used to but really doesn’t need. If you guys want to see a what I eat in a day video let me know in the comments below? I am eating enough food to never be hungry and drinking enough water to fill a swimming pool (exaggeration, before I get negative feedback)

My main aims with my eating, is to continue cutting out crisps, chocolate and takeaways. I have set myself these goals for the first week to push myself!

What is making me determined ?

Boxing!!!! Its a class that you work hard at, people motivate me, this challenge is making me so excited! Working out with my sister also keeps me going, she pushes me harder than I push myself! All you guys sending me amazing, kind and supportive messages! Thank you all! The fact that I am aware carrying extra fat has such a negative effect of my body, so I am focussing on that!

My top tips to make the first week of change a little easier!

1. Get yourself some new gym gear Usa Pro is really affordable and wears well! I am also in love with @BootyFituk leggings, when you squat they DO NOT go see through!!!!

2. Drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep, this is so important and is really helping me!

3. Never miss a Monday, working out on a Monday sets you up for the whole week!

 If you want a weekly update let me know in the comments below?

All my love Becca Blogger xxx

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